Introduction to Visual Basic

Visual Basic is the most widely use programming language for the windows operating systems environment. It is an easy language to learn and provides an automated environment for users; to run executable files to execute repeated every day tasks - such as to perform words / data processing or reporting activities.


Starts 17th April 2020


7 Days / 21 Course Hrs


Course Fee US$30


Online Training (Zoom)

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Learning Objectives

Students will be guided by a qualified and experienced instructor to use Visual Basic.Net to build windows applications using structured and object-based programming techniques.​

You Will Learn To

  • Analyse program requirements

  • Design & Develop programs with GUI Interfaces

  • Code programs and Develop interface using Visual .net

  • Perform tests, resolve defects and revise existing code

Hardware Requirements

  • A Laptop or Desktop with minimum 4Gb RAM  may not be suitable for Mac users unless you are able to run Windows OS on your Mac computer.

Course Contents

  1. Introduction to Visual Basic 6.0

  2. Building VB Applications

  3. Working with the Controls

  4. Writing the Code

  5. Managing VB  Data

  6. Working with Variables

  7. Using If...then...Else... End If

  8. Using Select Case ... End Select

  9. Looping

  10. Using Built-in Functions

  11. Using Mathematical Functions

  12. Formatting Functions

  13. String Manipulation Functions


Able to undersatand High​ school mathematics

Software Requirements

  • Windows 10 OS

  • Latest Version of Chrome or Mozila firefox browser

  • Virtual Studio Community 2015 or later. Download for free here

Instructor & Support

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Prof. Magdy Saeb received the BSEE. School of Engineering, Cairo University, in 1974, the MSEE, and Ph.D. Degrees in Electrical & Computer Engineering, University of California, Irvine, in 1981 and 1985, respectively.


He was with Kaiser Aerospace and Electronics, Irvine California, and The Atomic Energy Establishment, Anshas, Egypt.


He is a professor emeritus & former head of the Department of Computer Engineering, Arab Academy of Science, Technology & Maritime Transport, Alexandria, Egypt and is currently the CTO of Great Wall Information Security, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


His current research interests include Cryptography, FPGA Implementations of Cryptography and Steganography Data Security Techniques, Encryption Processors, Mobile Agent Security. He holds five Intellectual Property Patents in the area of cryptography. He has published more than 70 technical peer reviewed papers in the information security area.